Oct 022013

This babe with super massive breasts was born in the Frýdek-Místek, Czechoslovakia 1976 and the real name is Denisa Krajickova Trlica. Earlier in her life she took English classes and it was intended to become physical therapist. As we can see her life turned a bit different side, cause as a teenage age her breasts grew into the impressive DDD cup and she decided to try modeling career instead of the physical therapist.

At the school it was a kind of nightmare to her, cause her boobs were getting way too big to fit in any clothes. She even did wear an tight tank top under another shirt in order to hide real size of the breasts.

After she moved to the America, she was discovered by an sports enthusiast website and in no time she became an internet model. In her photo shoots she get topless, but usually always hide her nipples. Lots of peoples say that that her breasts are fake, but as she say… they are all natural. She thanks the genetics and her mother for getting such a massive boobs. Now she is well known model around the world and poses for Pin up style photo shoots and roll her own website. Most of the photos in this collection are from her own website and they are super hot.

These days her passion besides modeling also spreads to the fitness industry. Lately she have even started to compete in the fitness competitions and is certified trainer… well it would hard to train with such beautiful instructor as she. Especially if that instructor would possess such enormous breasts.

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